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    The Big D’s

    There’s a reason that it’s called a “show-home”. It’s all for show.  It’s definitely not for living.  Unless “living” is walking around with bottles of glass cleaner and rags all day and then at night, secretly throwing toys into cardboard boxes whilst your children sleep. “They’ll never miss these! Bye-bye, cluttery pieces of plastic!” But in order for prospective buyers to actually imagine themselves in the house, the seller’s house has to achieve all of the “De-“s.  1. De-clutter2. De-personalize3. Decorate De-tastic! (see what I did there?) The first rule of the “Show Home”: De-clutter This one was hard for me, and for most. People love clutter. The kitchen island is normally…

  • Colors,  Home Design

    Colors I am Loving Right Now

    If you walk into my home you might be surprised by the muted color palette that is present.  I am drawn to grays (surprise surprise) and creams, and whites, and blues. I am pushing myself to get out of that box and add a splash of color or two…so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites! I love the idea of “peekaboo” color!  Opening this cabinet and finding this bright and happy color would make you smile every time! Unfortunately, I know I would not be allowed to paint inside our cabinets 🙂 Picture credit I love this, probably because blue is my favorite color!  Pillows are easy…