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    5 Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

    So you’re a first-time home buyer and finding the right home for you and your family can be overwhelming and stressful. There is a multitude of decisions to make and multiple houses to tour. Before you start looking, make sure you’re not committing one of these classic first-time buyer mistakes. 1. Not knowing what you can afford to buy If you haven’t been pre-approved, don’t go shopping. Understand the math of your future home loan or mortgage and know what you’ll qualify for – this will stop you from looking at homes or neighborhoods that are beyond your financial reach. Be aware that pre-qualifications are not the same as pre-approvals. So make sure you…

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    Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About Real Estate Agents

    I read this article on the Zillow blog, I don’t normally share like this, but I thought there was a ton of great information in this article.  For some reason, us Realtors can be stereotyped as just out to sell anything no matter what.  I am not like that at all, and I like to think most of us aren’t.  Please read and know, we are really here to help you! BY BRENDON DESIMONE Do you need one? Do they pocket the whole commission? Let’s set the facts straight. Buyers and sellers often enter the market with misconceptions about real estate agents — how we work, how the process works and…