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    Selling Your Home During The Holidays

    Is Selling Your Home During the Holidays A Good Idea? Selling your home during the holidays is a polarizing issue, even among the most experienced of real estate agents. Some of them will tell you that there is no part of the year that is less suitable for trying to sell your home than the holiday season. Others will tell you that it might actually be the best time for it. Traditionally, many local real estate agents would recommend that sellers not attempt to list their home during the holidays, even taking it off the market during the last half of December before starting again in January. They reasoned that most potential…

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    Bi Level or Split Level?

    A bi-level has two floors. The door usually opens in the center of the front facade onto two half flights of stairs, one going up to the main living level, one down. The lower floor is half underground but has standard size windows, and there are often bedrooms, sometimes a laundry and/or bath on that floor. The upper stairs usually open into an open, or a semi-open living/dining/kitchen to one side and a short hall to the other leading to (normally two) bedrooms and a bathroom. A split level home has three floors. Just like the bi-level, it has two half flights of stairs, one up, leading to bedrooms and…